17 - 21 June 2024 | Cannes, france

Gaming Takes "Mane" Stage As Advertising's Next FrontierStage
As Advertising's Next Frontier

Join One of Our Exclusive Roundtables. Be Part Of a BIG Gaming-First Reveal

iion’s A-Team is heading to Cannes Lions.

Speak to iion. Discover why gamers and game advertising have become essential for marketers, and explore the vast possibilities this dynamic medium offers. Gain insights into the intersection of entertainment, technology, and advertising, and understand how these elements converge to create powerful marketing opportunities.


Exclusive Roundtable Discussions

Join a game-changing discussion over lunch and wine. On 18 and 19 June, we have very limited spots left for our intimate round table sessions.

Tuesday’s session will delve into
"Effective Measurement and Outcomes for In-Game Advertising and Immersive Virtual Worlds".

Wednesday's session will explore
“Why Game Advertising is THE Attention-Centric Media Frontier”.

Sit alongside thought leaders from brands and agencies, with exclusive access to innovators of game advertising - from Roblox immersive activation, attention measurement with Amplified Intelligence, and top gaming publishers like Odeeo, Tap Nation, AdinMo, Enthusiast Gaming.

Our Partners and Honorable Participants

Meet the team

Sanjaya Molligoda


Wout van Damme


Giuseppe Martoriello


Yun Yip

Chief Commercial Officer

Marc Le Foll

Programmatic Partnerships Lead

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  • Video Game Spend by Generation:

    Discover the big spenders and where the money flows within the gaming ecosystems.

  • Modern ‘Gamer’ Personas:

    From gaming Moms to executive players and binge streamers, we uncover what motivates these personas and pinpoint the genres that best connect with them.

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