Engage Your Audience In the Gaming World

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Engage Your Audience In the Gaming World

Strategize, Influence, Engage: Your Brand's Guide to the Gaming World

  • The gaming sector boasts a 3.38 billion strong global gaming community, making it the new media frontier for impactful brand engagement.

  • With projections hinting at a $130.9 million spend by 2025, the mobile gaming industry’s dominance opens unique doors for advertisers.

This ebook illuminates:

  • Game Audience Key Insights:

    Behavioral trends that define gaming engagement today.

  • Global Gamer Demographics:

    Who plays, from Gen Z to Boomers, and what drives them?

  • Game Audiences Categorized by Device:

    How different platforms serve different player types.

  • Video Game Spend by Generation:

    Discover the big spenders and where the money flows within the gaming ecosystems.

  • Modern ‘Gamer’ Personas:

    From gaming Moms to executive players and binge streamers, we uncover what motivates these personas and pinpoint the genres that best connect with them.

"One of the most significant opportunities for marketers and game advertising lies within education. We're thrilled to present this e-book. It illustrates the dynamic evolution of gaming and its diverse player base, alongside the transformative journey of game advertising into the marketer's ultimate tool. Let this e-book be your guide, simplifying your path through the rich landscape of game advertising."

Yun Yip

Chief Commercial Officer, iion
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