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iion is the leading advertising and monetization platform reaching audience segments across all gaming environments.

Trusted by more than 200+ Publishers across 50+ Countries

Trusted by more than 200+ Publishers across 50+ Countries

Monetize smarter
Drive more revenue
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Game Publishers

Game changer advertising

In the Game advertising

Blend with the Future

Monetize without compromise. Deliver a seamless experience and engage users in a powerful way without interrupting gameplay.
Enhance the game experience with sophisticated formats
Sustainable revenue through long-term retention and yield optimization
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around the game advertising

Hit the revenue potential of your game

Start fueling strong demand instantly. Get integrated in no time. Leverage our solution to fast track your way to rising revenue.
Accelerate your revenue growth with iion unique demand
Effortless integration into mediation layer without SDK
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Gamıng Related websites

Monetize non-utilized spaces

Instantly boost your programmatic revenue with our unique set of out-of-page placements. Highly visible. Non-intrusive. Sticky. Multi-channel.
Ensure +90% viewability with sticky ad formats
Exclusive ad-units and options for customization
Implement multiple ad units with single tag
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For All Publishers
Your solution for ad demand with endless possibilities

Transparent and scalable growth with a network of demand partners

Premium unique demand

Tap into our diverse, premium and direct demand via a self-serve advertising platform and partnerships with over 20 global tier 1 SSPs.
Direct demand from self-serve advertising platform
Partnerships with 20+ premium SSPs
Premium and unique demand
High CPMs and fill rates
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Video Suite

Unlock the power of video

Automate video content creation on your page. Attract your audience with contextually relevant video ads. Scale your monetization through more views and revenue.
Curate targeted videos for your audience
Monetize highly viewable in-article positions
Get higher eCPMs with in-stream player
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AMP Suite

Ace your AMP revenue

Direct and programmatic AMP demand combined with a suite of proprietary ad units fully compatible with AMP pages. Speed up the ad delivery and get more views to increase your AMP revenue.
Show ads in no time with direct RTC implementation
Bring demand for AMP inventory with server-side bidding
Increase AMP revenue by 20% with ad-refresh
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Maximize yield
Surpass revenue targets Integrate with ease

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Advertiser solutions

Display your brand to millions of gamers with a universal game audience targeting platform

Gaming audience

Reach your target audience demographic with iion

Reach over 300 of the world's most influential game labels. Use creative ad formats to access gamers in their own environments.
In the game
Around the game
Away from the game
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targeting platform

Build memorable experiences for your audience

Enhance the performance of your creatives with our all-encompassing game audience targeting platform across mobile, PC and console.

Seamlessly launch ad campaigns, track key branding and performance metrics, and optimize your campaigns for maximum ROI.
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Why iion

Best-in-class solutions. A proven team of seasoned experts. Superior results.
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Disruptive Tech
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iion has Google Multiple Customer Management (MCM) certification, which means we’re trusted experts in ad technology, ad revenue growth, setup strategy and optimization.

We are committed to meeting the highest industry standards available and take responsibility over our impact on the environment.

“Uplifting” Client Outcomes

AMP Video Outperforms Display by 58% for a European Pub

AMP Video Outperforms Display by 58% for a European a fast-growing Formula 1 and motorsport news website with millions of engaged monthly readers in Europe.
Kishore Kumar
Marketing Manager at iion

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