iion Inventory Discovery Tool

Revolutionize Ad Campaigns for Games with Real-Time Gaming Data

The best tool to aggregate game inventory data across all platforms and speed up decision-making with precision accuracy

Game Inventory Data

Make data-driven decisions to build your game ad campaign

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Access extensive data on game inventory with monthly ad requests and active user data
Filter global data by game inventory, platform, genre, sub-genre, country
Download customized data as Excel CSV files to make data-driven decisions

Secure accuracy in gaming ad creatives

Make your standard IAB campaign creatives ‘seamlessly” fit in the games and reach your ideal customers with appropriate display visual, video and audio in gaming environments

In the game

Select integrated ads that slot seamlessly into gameplay without breaking the session.

Around the game

Use traditional ad placements to maximize ad exposure during playtime.

Away from the game

Maximize value and optimize engagement with away from the game advertising.
Contextual Advertising

Find the perfect game to boost your campaign

Choose the most relevant game for your campaigns by genres and sub-genres to enhance brand awareness, and capture the attention of your ideal customers.
Music & audio

Start to find the best games to advertise with immersiion Advertising Platform

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Why you should use iion inventory discovery tool

Know what games will be running in your campaign
Get a transparent overview of which game you can advertise
Customize your campaign with in-depth insights into all game inventory data
Use global gaming insights to supercharge your marketing
Build better campaigns with real-time data
Gain data-driven insights to power better media buying and campaign building

Hit your revenue target, achieve higher margins

The best solutions and strategic partner to power your growth
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