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Reach your target audience demographic with immersiion

iion offers tailored advertising solutions to supercharge your growth and revenue, while you stay in total control.

Gaming Audience

Showcase your brand to millions of gamers

Get access to 300+ gaming sites and applications that offer a highly engaged gaming audience. We help brands build highly targeted and memorable ad experiences for their target gaming audience.
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In the Game Ads

Ads integrate seamlessly into gameplay, enhancing the game experience in non-disruptive ways, resulting in better engagement with the ads and higher clickthrough rates.

Around the Game Ads

Traditional forms of ads including banner, app open, interstitial, rewarded and native banner. The ads appear during a streaming session, but are not embedded in the gameplay.

Away from the Game Ads

Hyper-targeting the gamers and delivering game-related content in every ecosystem but away from the gameplay experience itself.

Our Audiences

With 200+ exclusive partners that host highly engaging gaming and entertainment communities, we enable brands to reach and acquire quality users.

Connect with the ideal audience

Through exciting partnerships with key mobile players such as Rollic, Allictus, and GameJam, iion helps brands connect with their ideal gaming audience.
Core Gamers
Casual Gamers
and many others

Solutions to help you
level up your brand

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Non-Gaming Audience

Achieve global growth and reach the right audiences with iion

Bridging scalable reach and high-performing advertisement solutions for your brand
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Monthly Ad Request
Monthly Ad Request
Monthly Ad Request

Reach the right audience

Leverage the vast iion network and get access to highly relevant audience groups. Refine your marketing campaigns and scale your growth with premium placements while ensuring quality, transparency, and brand safety.
Highly targeted campaigns to help you reach any demographic, in any vertical
Fully consented audiences to ensure brand safety
Higher engagement rates and brand retention than social media

Find them at the right time

Effectively reach your target audience with scale and accuracy using multiple data sources to ensure higher viewability and user retention, powered by measurable growth.
Audience data from quality sources such as Blukai, Lotame, and many more
Inventory across desktop, mobile web, apps, and CTV

Create real engagement and brand recall

Reach audiences through innovative and premium ad units designed to maximize reach, brand recall and engagement, helping brands create impactful advertisement campaigns.
In-Stream video for increased viewability
High-impact display to grab and keep attention
Custom gamified units for effective targeting

Hit your revenue target, achieve higher margins

The best solutions and strategic partner to power your growth
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