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We are the first-ever platform that connects game publishers and brands through a holistic targeting experience in the game, around the game, and away from the game, across all digital worlds.
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We connect advertisers to gamers

Who we are

We’re an upbeat and agile band of boundary-pushing “adtechers” who value human contact and face-to-face interaction in fostering successful partnerships. We love what we do and we like to show it.

Positive energy

We love what we do and let our natural enthusiasm shine through in how we conduct business.


We take a deep interest in the world of every game publisher and brand and how to best position them for whatever the future brings.


We’re quick to adapt to new trends but we also challenge the status quo and push boundaries to bring game publishers and brands extraordinary results.

Real human

We value the human touch, favor face-to-face interactions, and believe this strengthens our partnerships.

Focus on what is important

We’re laser-focused on three priorities: monetization, user experience, and accelerating the growth of our publisher and brand partners.

We exist to empower
brands and publishers
and work as a team

This is exactly what iion does:
We offer an all encompassing advertising & monetization solution centered around the gamer, that works seamlessly across all screens and all digital worlds.

Advertising, the great enabler
It is advertising that allows gamers to enjoy gaming for far less or even for free. It simply enables games to exist. Gamers can choose to do just that. Simply play. And publishers can now choose to accelerate their business. To really prosper. They can make a difference by maximizing monetization and advertising across In Game, Around the Game, and Away from the Game.
Exciting times
We are living in super exciting times. Thanks to game publishers and brands. They enhance our daily existence by the digital worlds that they create. They bring every possible emotion, new idea, inspiration or piece of information to their fingertip of audiences and users.
Our secret ingredient
We are the first-ever marketplace that connects game publishers and brands. Underneath the nifty plug-and-play surface of our products hides the deep technical knowledge of our amazing band of experts. It is their curiosity and human understanding that has kept us ahead of the curve all this time.

Partner with a trusted GCPP Expert

iion helps businesses achieve optimal revenue growth through strategic campaign setup and optimization. We ensure the best possible outcomes for your advertising initiatives.

We take responsibility for our impact

As part of our mission to redefine monetization and advertising for gaming - we have a long-term plan to decarbonize our entire impact. To achieve this, we quantified our carbon footprint as accurately as possible with the help of an independent third-party. We now invest in staying carbon-neutral by participating in decarbonization efforts.

At iion we also acknowledge that this is not the end, but only the beginning.
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