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immersiion is the world's first all-in-one platform for advertisers to build, test, serve and measure campaigns across all gaming environments.

Self-serve media buying

Build and run campaigns with complete control and transparency

iion offers a completely automated experience through which you can seamlessly launch ad campaigns, track key performance metrics, and optimize your campaigns for maximum ROI.
Exemplary quality control
Intuitive interface for ease of use
Advanced tools for precision targeting
Complete control and transparency

Achieve scalable growth with immersiion

Achieve high ROI through comprehensive targeting, and drive CTR, VTR, and engagement rates for your business.

Brand Awareness

Deploy interactive rich media ads that help create memorable ad experiences and exponentially scale brand awareness, message association, and purchase intent.


Drive campaigns through comprehensive reporting and analytics powered by a highly interactive and easy-to-use reporting dashboard with near real-time data.


Run reach and audience forecasting before and after campaigns.
Visualize, build, test, and launch rich media ads without hassle with immersiion. Our advanced ad builder uncomplicates ad campaigns by offering total control and flexibility. Build your ads and launch campaigns with the quickest TAT and minimal dependency on vendors and developers with our full-service creative management platform.
Ad Experiments

Build the ideal ad strategy through immersiion with efficient ad experimentation

Dynamic Tags

Hassle-free experimentation and testing

iion eliminates the complex process of A/B testing and allows advertisers to test their creatives with flexible parameters such as time, location, and ratio, all with a single ad tag.
Sequence ads

Cross-platform audience interaction!

The audience resonate with a compelling story, which can be challenging with the limitations of digital ads. With a pixel that follows the user, you can narrate your brand story and shows them ads in the preset sequence.
We take security seriously

3rd Party Measurement

Direct Partnerships
Site Transparency
Backlisting Controls
Fraud Prevention Vendors
Suspicious Traffic Filtering
Dataset Monitoring
ımmersiion's Cross-channel solutions

Target inventory across




Inventory Discovery Tool

Access extensive global game inventory data to make best decision to run your game advertising campaigns with iion’s Inventory Discovery Tool.
Access Tool
Out of the box

Creative Solutions

Build engaging ad campaigns with interactive rich media without fuss. Apart from static advertisements, dynamic rich media ads are a great way to capture the user’s attention and drive engagement and conversions. With iion, you can deploy rich media ads with ease and amplify your advertising efforts for a higher ROI.

Why choose immersiion for rich media ads?

Immersiion advertising platform offers a comprehensive rich media ad builder that helps you ideate, build and execute campaigns with ease.

Unique Ad Experiments

With iion’s unique ad builder, ads that deliver a unique experience result in prolonged user retention and higher conversions, fueling brand engagement and growth.

No Technical Expertise

With our ad creator, brands can work their magic with just words and colors while our platform does the rest.

Real-Time Analytics

Get detailed reports that paint a holistic picture of your ad campaigns with real-time analytics.

Ad Fraud Detection

With safeguard mechanisms in place, we ensure brands are immediately alerted about any malicious acts, resulting in a quick crackdown on fraud traffic.
make an impact

Build with immersiion

With immersiion’s rich media display ad builder, you can leverage stellar features and advanced tooling through an easy-to-use interface and build ads that make an impact. 

Banner Ads

Prominent ad format that stays on the screen while users explore the page. The use of rich media elements drives engagement and conversions.

Interstitial Ads

Full-screen master ads that capture the user’s attention and combat banner blindness for maximum viewability.

Responsive Ads

Responsive rich media advertisements that seamlessly adapt to different devices and screen sizes, providing an optimal ad viewing experience.

Interactive Video Ads

Video ads with interactive elements that drive engagement and supplement brand recall.

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