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Monetize under-utilized space on your website

Earn incremental revenue through new out-of-page placements
Leverage non- or under-utilized space on your website
Engage multi-channel ad units with +90% viewability
Attract high CPMs and fill rates via multiple format support
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ignitiion ad formats

In-Stream Video

In-stream video ads automatically generate videos to increase revenue
These ads appear between content and are anchored at the bottom right corner of the screen

Anchor Ad

Is a type of sticky ad unit that appears at the bottom of desktop, tablet or mobile pages
The ad is fixed on the screen and can’t be scrolled past, securing higher viewability

Docked Sidebar

Is a tall and sticky banner ad that appears on the side of the page
The banner stays fixed on the screen and can't be scrolled past, which makes it more impactful as users can see it at all times on the page

Mobile Scroll

Are ads that appear as the background on the user's mobile screen
Users see the ad as they scroll through the content on their mobile device

Interstitial Ad

These ads take up the entire screen and allow you to set a customizable timer
Users can close the ad by pressing the close button after the set time


This ad seamlessly loads a banner in between content to increase visibility
The ad appears and disappears when the user continues to scroll

Make the most of your ad inventory by utilizing new ad placements

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ignitiion Integration

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Server Implementation

Call our code through your GAM via 1x1
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