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Adscholars and iion Partnership To Transform Gaming In India & the Philippines

September 29, 2023
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Leading ad tech provider Adscholars has partnered with global game adtech company iion, to transform the gaming advertising landscape in India and the Philippines amidst industry boom.

The partnership brings one-of-a-kind technology and programmatic-enabled gaming inventory solutions to the Indian market. iion will scale immersive gaming solutions in this market, using Adscholars' programmatic expertise. It will offer multiple activation options and unique experiences to connect with consumers on their preferred platforms.

This partnership enables iion to utilize Adscholars' market knowledge and brand collaborations, resulting in immersive and contextually fitting in-game advertising encounters.

iion’s  immersiion is the first platform to connect game publishers and brands seamlessly across all digital worlds, providing a holistic targeting experience in-game, around the game, and beyond.

Leveling Up: The Online Gaming Boom Hits India

Statista reported India's online gaming industry was valued at around INR 135 billion in 2022, up from 101 billion rupees the previous year. Projections indicated it could surpass INR 231 billion by 2025, with a robust annual growth rate of 19%. With a substantial youth population, India is poised to become a prime gaming market. With a significant youth population, India is poised to become a prime gaming market. The country's market growth is propelled by the expansion of IT infrastructure, fueled by the increasing adoption of smartphones and high-speed internet.

Brands tap gaming's audience engagement potential. Gameloft finds in-game ads boost brand awareness and likability. Messages over 15 seconds yield +23% purchase intent, highlighting gaming's unique immersive impact.

The strategic partnership between Adscholars and iion places them at the forefront of innovative monetization and advertising ushering in a new era of industry growth amid the nation's burgeoning gaming landscape.

Gaming Boom in Philippine Market

Recent reports indicate that the Philippines is among the select group of five nations poised to emerge as a major gaming market within the Asia Pacific region. 

According to a comprehensive study conducted by Newzoo, a prominent provider of market intelligence within the gaming industry, the Philippines boasts a substantial gamer population of 43 million, with a projected growth rate of 14.3 percent spanning from 2020 to 2023. 

The growing popularity of online gaming in the country is driven by faster internet availability, more smartphone users, and the thriving eSports industry.

The strategic partnership between Adscholars and iion places them at the forefront of innovative game advertising in the Philippines, ushering in a new era of industry growth amid the nation's burgeoning gaming landscape.

Srikanth Rayaprolu, CEO of Adscholars said, “We are delighted to announce a strategic collaboration with iion, a prominent advertising platform with a far-reaching presence in diverse gaming environments. As the gaming industry continues its rapid expansion within the Indian market, Ad Scholars, in partnership with iion, is primed to offer brands an exceptional opportunity to engage with gamers both within the gaming ecosystem and its surrounding landscape.

He further added, This partnership promises to open captivating creative avenues, actively connecting your brand with the vibrant gaming audience. Adscholars has been collaborating with brands and agencies in India and the Philippines. With this new partnership, we're excited to introduce innovative gaming inventory options for our clients.”

Yun Yip, iion’s Chief Commercial Officer said, “With AdScholars, we are poised to reshape the game advertising landscape in APAC. Our collaborative efforts and platform will empower brands and agencies to explore new ways of engaging with an ever-growing audience, whilst delivering superior marketing outcomes in-game advertising. A successful gaming strategy is a now possible, accessible, and measurable.”

About Adscholars: Adscholars is a leading ad tech-media solution company, offering comprehensive end-to-end campaign solutions starting from awareness to consideration and conversion. Our extensive range of services covers various areas, including gaming and kids platforms, performance-based solutions, and digital out-of-home advertising. With a dynamic and imaginative creative studio, coupled with our expertise in programmatic strategies and gaming solutions, we can unleash the true potential of any brand. As part of our growth strategy, we are expanding our presence in both local and international markets, with a strong focus on the GCC, APAC, and India regions.

About iion: Founded in 2019, iion redefines game monetization and advertising by offering a seamless platform, connecting premium gaming environments for advertisers and publishers. This innovative solution enables efficient campaign management and measurement, extensive brand-safe gaming inventory access, as well as impactful audience engagement. iion has offices in Australia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the US.

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