In-Game Advertising

An End-to-End Approach to Game Advertising

March 22, 2024
5 Minutes

The Gaming Ecosystem's Complexity

Advertising in the gaming world is both complex and exciting. It connects brands with gamers through a network of intermediaries amidst rapidly evolving technology. 

While game advertising offers brands new ways to engage gamers, brands face challenges like understanding diverse platforms, integrating ads seamlessly, and accurately measuring impact. 

Running successful campaigns in gaming requires a deep understanding of this dynamic ecosystem. 

Mastering these complexities and developing resonant strategies is crucial for brands seeking to establish themselves in the game advertising world.

The Traditional Path: Brands to Publishers

Before we explore the traditional game advertising path, it is essential to understand the relationship between supply and demand within the game advertising industry.

  1. Brands and advertisers aim to create effective ad placements and strategies that deliver value and outcomes.
  2. Game publishers and developers, on the other hand, prioritize sustainable revenue without compromising game integrity and user experience. Achieving this requires strategically placed quality ads and effective inventory sales. By optimizing the supply path, publishers can enhance ad outcomes.

Exploring the Traditional Game Advertising Process

The traditional path involves brands or agencies dealing with 5 to 20 gaming publishers and technology providers, leading to complexity and inefficiency.

Dealing with multiple publishers or resellers adds costs, with each intermediary taking a 'clip of the ticket'.

Another contributing factor is that, unlike traditional web publishers, game publishers can achieve significant growth quickly. 

This rapid industry growth exacerbates operational inefficiencies, as navigating a fragmented landscape of networks, each with unique inventory and metrics, further complicates the process for advertisers.

The lack of cohesion affects time and resources, raising questions about the purpose and effectiveness of gaming as an advertising channel. 

Additionally, the more complex the supply chain, the higher the risk of ad fraud and invalid traffic (IVT).

These risks can diminish the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, highlighting the need for a more streamlined and secure approach in the gaming advertising ecosystem.

Direct Path to Publishers: Powered by iion’s Unified Platform

iion's unified game advertising model offers a comprehensive approach to advertising in the gaming world.

The immersion platform is a central hub for the gaming universe. The innovative game advertising platform aggregates all gaming environments into one platform. 

This game advertising platform enables brands and agencies to target their audiences more efficiently.

Additionally, it provides publishers with competitive demand for their inventory, boosting their revenue potential.

The immersiion platform facilitates mutually beneficial relationships between publishers and brands/advertisers. 

This simplifies the ad placement process by offering a unified interface for campaign management and performance measurement, making it easier to navigate the diverse landscape of gaming platforms.

Immersion makes launching, scaling, and measuring campaigns simple and ensures they are delivered in safe environments for brands.

  • Streamlined Operations: iion’s model simplifies collaboration between brands and agencies. It offers a unified service for media planning and buying across all gaming environments. iion’s team of experts provides tailored advice and a single reporting system, enhancing efficiency and transparency.
  • Simplified Supply Chain: The supply chain is more straightforward: Agency → iion → Publisher. This reduces intermediaries and improves efficiency and effectiveness,  while lowering the risk of IVT. 
  • Benefits of Using iion:
    • Direct Path to Publishers: iion’s method ensures a more direct and effective route to game publishers (which is a key for targeted and impactful advertising).
    • Easier Activation Processes: iion’s unified platform for planning, buying, and reporting simplifies the activation process. This allows for more agile and successful campaign management across all IAB gaming environments.

This approach marks a major move towards a more integrated, efficient, and non-intrusive future within game advertising. It aims to improve marketing results and increase publisher revenues.

Facilitating Mutually Beneficial Connections

iion's innovative supply strategy and infrastructure are essential to our success in generating demand for brands. 

iion’s platform creates a mutually beneficial connection between different game advertising environments, technology and stakeholders.

It simplifies access to game publishers and streamlines processes like setting up and running ad campaigns for brands and advertisers.

Our comprehensive approach directly addresses the challenges of the gaming world, setting a new standard for successful and efficient advertising in this rapidly growing industry.

Are you interested in entering the game advertising universe and need a platform to guide you? 

Contact iion today to take control of your advertising strategy!

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