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Maximise Your Reach: Benefits of a Unified Game Advertising Platform (GAP)

April 8, 2024
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Advertisers looking to get into game advertising can find it challenging, as they need to navigate different platforms, formats and service providers to reach their audience effectively. 

Understanding how game advertising works and the role of a game advertising platform in overcoming these challenges is key to untangling the often complex web of the game advertising ecosystem.

How Game Advertising Works

Game advertising effectively places brand messages within the gaming experience, ensuring it captures players' attention. 

A successful ad relies heavily on choosing the right game and the optimal timing for its placement—be it before, during, or within the game. Timing, placement and authenticity are key to ad success.

Media buying within the gaming ecosystem involves purchasing advertising space on platforms like mobile, PC, and consoles. The objective is to enhance your brand presence in gaming mediums and connect with your audiences in multiple gaming journeys.

Game Advertising Challenges

One of advertisers' biggest headache in the gaming world is fragmentation across multiple gaming devices, environments, and ad formats. 

The Game Adveritising Fragmentation Problem

Let’s unpack the different parts that contribute to the fragmentation of the game advertising world:

  • Diverse platforms: Different gaming platforms appeal to specific demographic groups, user behaviours, and advertising preferences. Advertisers need to tailor their strategies for each platform.
  • Rich Media Mix: Various types of media are used for advertising, including blended ads in mobile games and sponsorships. This makes campaign planning and execution more complex.
  • Multiple vendors: Working with various media providers to cover all aspects of gaming media leads to inefficiencies and increased expenses.

The complex and fragmented game advertising landscape makes navigating and entering the game advertising industry challenging in several ways:

  • Manage campaigns: Running ads across multiple platforms and formats requires complex coordination effort, often leading to operational inefficiencies.
  • Ensure ads reach the right people: Different gaming interests make it harder to create targeted ads effectively for the audience.
  • Measure campaign success: Varying platforms and formats create discrepancies in metrics, making performance analysis less accurate.
  • Maintain brand safety: Navigating through a fragmented landscape increases the risk of ads appearing in non-brand-safe environments, potentially harming reputation.

These challenges make it difficult for advertisers to optimise ad spend and effectively reach their target audiences, necessitating a more unified approach to game advertising.

Benefits of Using a Game Advertising Platform (GAP)

A Game Advertising Platform (GAP) that has unified all IAB gaming environments, iion provides advertisers with a comprehensive set of tools to reach gamers on different platforms and in various formats, streamlining the advertising process from beginning to end.

Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Industry expertise: A unified platform offers deep knowledge of game advertising processes, strategies, and technology. Ensuring campaigns leverage current trends and media creatives for optimal engagement.
  • Integrated features: These platforms provide advanced tools and software, streamlining the advertising process from media buying and creating assets to real-time analytics. Partnering with gaming platforms means quick issue resolution, efficient campaign flows, and ensuring smooth campaign execution.
  • Scaled audience reach: An integrated platform allows advertisers to reach a diverse audience across various gaming platforms, including mobile, PC, console, and VR games, enabling targeted advertising strategies with widespread coverage.
  • Access to global gaming media inventory: Certain platforms provide unique advertising opportunities by providing direct access to different gaming inventories. Through their partnerships, they can secure affordable advertising space and inventory quality.
  • Streamlined ad management: Choosing one advertising platform makes activation easier. It handles all your advertising needs in one place, avoiding the hassle and cost of working with many media or gaming partners. 

Beyond the Obvious: How iion Bridges the GAP

We recognise the difficulties brands and advertisers face when it comes to game advertising. 

That's why we created the immersiion game advertising platform, specifically designed to address and overcome these challenges.

Immersion is the only global game advertising platform that is a centralised hub for all your game advertising needs. It gives you access to media inventory in various gaming environments through one convenient platform.

Advertisers can better manage ad spend and reach a large audience through different media channels. They can also engage with specific groups during gaming campaigns. Here's how immersion helps:

Why It Matters:

  • Unified media buying eliminates the need to work with multiple supply providers and media buying agents while enabling full access to all gaming media environments.
  • Optimise ad spending: Ensure your media dollars are used wisely, selecting the most effective media channels.
  • Expansive audience reach: Connect with a diverse and global gaming audience, tapping into a pool of over 3 billion potential customers.
  • Targeted engagement: Leverage gaming context for brand-safe ad placements, ensuring messages reach the right audience in the right environment.

How It Works:

  • Broadest inventory pool: Connect with a vast audience of over 3 billion gamers. Choose from various gaming platforms, from mobile and console to streaming environments.
  • Creative customisation: Tailor creatives to fit brand messaging, ensuring they resonate with the target audience within the gaming context.
  • Real-time analytics and performance tracking: Provides real-time insights into ad performance with metrics that matter to advertisers, such as incrementality and attention.
  • Precise targeting: Find your ideal audience by the games they love and how they play in environments that match your brand.

What It Delivers:

  • Brand visibility: Positioning brands at the forefront of the gaming world, ensuring a wide, engaged audience sees them.
  • Data-driven decisions: Empowers advertisers with the tools to make informed decisions based on comprehensive campaign analytics and attention metrics.
  • Future-proof advertising: Stay ahead of the curve in a fast-evolving industry, ensuring advertisers can adapt and thrive in the game advertising space.

iion’s immersiion: Your Gateway to Game-Changing Advertising

Whether you're a seasoned media buyer or a marketing strategist looking to break into the gaming scene, iion’s immersiion, helps simplify the game advertising process while amplifying reach.

Discover how iion's immersiion platform can elevate your brand to new heights. 

Contact us today to learn more and take the first step towards game advertising success

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