In-Game Advertising

In-Game Advertising Examples: Brands' Success Stories

March 15, 2024
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Thanks to the booming gaming industry, in-game advertising is changing how brands connect with their audience. 

In this article, we'll analyse real-life examples to reveal the secrets of successful in-game campaigns and their significant impact on brand outcomes.

What is In-Game Advertising?

In-game advertising blends creativity with technology to offer brands a lively space to engage gamers. 

Unlike traditional and social media advertising, it weaves brand messages directly into the fabric of the game, making interactions more natural for gamers.

Why In-Game Ads Work

Benefits of In-Game Advertising

 In-game advertising is an immersive experience that blends brands into gamers' worlds, offering a unique way to connect with a global audience of approximately 3 billion.

While most in-game advertising formats aren’t clickable, it is still one of the most effective methods for reaching an ideal, highly engaged audience. 

This is especially true as more brands realise the importance of visibility in the increasingly competitive digital advertising landscape.

Here's what makes in-game advertising such a powerful marketing medium:

Immersive Experiences Through Direct Engagement: In-game ads weave brands into the gameplay, creating an authentic connection that resonates with players more deeply than traditional advertising, fostering memorable brand experiences.

Marketing Outcomes: In-game advertising offers tailored campaigns and precise targeting, maximising the impact and efficiency of ad spend. This customisation leads to superior campaign outcomes. By tailoring campaigns to align with audiences of specific game genres and the brand's target demographic, in-game ads extend reach to an attentive, highly engaged audience. This ultimately drives enhanced results —a testament to the impactful synergy between tailored campaigns and contextual targeting in in-game advertising.

Extensive Reach: With the ability to reach around 3 billion gamers globally, in-game advertising provides unparalleled access to a diverse and engaged audience. This reach is coupled with effective metrics, allowing for real-time tracking and optimisation of ad strategies.

Spotlight on Success: In-Game Advertising Examples

How Brands Are Winning in the Game Advertising World

Spotify's  Extensive Reach

Spotify x iion

Spotify’s campaign leveraged iion’s immersiion platform to connect with gamers ages 7 to 70. Their diverse in-game ads across different titles boosted the brand’s awareness and achieved an above-industry-benchmark viewability rate of 93.8%.

Uber's Hyperlocalized Approach

Uber x iion

Uber partnered with iion to run a hyperlocalised in-game advertising campaign. 

The campaign was customised to fit its audience's geographic and native language in ad placements.

This campaign effectively engaged a young, tech-savvy demographic, aligning seamlessly with Uber's target market, achieving a high view rate of  98.21%.

LEGO's Dual Audience Engagement

LEGO x iion

Working with iion, LEGO used in-game banner ads to connect with its two target audiences: children and adult collectors. 

By advertising across various COPPA-compliant gaming titles, LEGO connected with an audience that overlapped with its core fans and gamers. 

The campaign enhanced resonance with its diverse audience and featured a range of LEGO sets to boost product awareness, scoring a 94.76% viewability rate.

Goody’s Burger House: Enhancing Realism in Gaming

The Greek fast-food chain, Goody's Burger House, utilized iion's platform for effective in-game advertising. 

By placing their banner ad campaigns on top sports game billboards, the campaign boosted brand visibility and recognition with a 98.13% viewability rate, effectively reaching their target audience.

These examples showcased how gaming, as a platform, boosts brand visibility and creates meaningful connections between brands and gamers.

The Future of Brand Engagement: In-Game Advertising

For brands seeking innovative ways to engage audiences beyond social media and other more traditional channels, in-game advertising offers alternative and effective alternatives with vast new possibilities. 

However, navigating this space requires understanding which games and formats best fit your target audience. Brand lift studies can help you better understand how in-game advertising contributes to brand building and long-term brand health by comparing the perceptions and behaviours of consumers exposed to advertising as a measure of advertising effectiveness.

iion simplifies this by offering access to a wide range of gaming environments through immersiion. Whether mobile, PC, or streaming, iion helps brands make their mark in gaming.

immersiion, acts as a central hub for advertisers to reach gamers effectively. It offers tools for targeting, campaign creation, media allocation, and success measurement in a user-friendly interface. 

Another benefit of iion’s unified game advertising platform is that it has BLS capabilities baked into it. This means that brands can better understand campaigns' short—and long-term impact, leading to better overall outcomes. 

iion is more than a tool; it's a partner in navigating the dynamic world of digital gaming advertising and connecting with gamers in meaningful ways.

Discover iion's solutions today and unlock the potential of in-game advertising for your brand.

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