Kwalee's Revenue Leap in Undermonetized Markets via Direct Demand Partnerships

Kwalee, a prominent player in the global gaming industry, boasts over a billion installs worldwide. Its portfolio features hyper-casual games like 'Draw It', 'Teacher Simulator', and 'Airport Security' for mobile, PC, and console platforms. However, despite this success, Kwalee was looking for a solution to optimize ad revenue from undermonetized regions.

To address this, Kwalee utilized iion's immersiion platform, which provides direct deals from agencies and brands worldwide. This decision opened avenues for premium direct demand deals from undermonetized markets, specifically the MENA and GCC regions, fueling revenue growth for its upcoming campaigns.

We analyzed the revenue and fill rate, comparing two scenarios: one using just Google Demand, and the other combining Google Demand with our direct campaigns for the GCC region. Examples of some of the high-profile brand campaigns Kwalee delivered include Toyota, Samsung, Volkswagen, and KFC.

Over a 3 week period, Kwalee saw a significant uplift in fill rates, which led to a positive uptick in Average Revenue Per Daily Active User (ARPDAU), demonstrating the efficacy of direct brand budgets in game advertising.

By incorporating top-tier brands, Kwalee unlocked a completely new source of advertising budgets. This showcases not only the potency of direct brand budgets, but also the critical role of the right partnerships, when it comes to campaigns that move the needle.

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