WeMade Play, is a leading casual games developer in South Korea. With over 100 million downloads, they are recognized for creating fun and engaging casual, puzzle, and casino games. Representative games include the immensely popular Anipang series, the charming We Bare Bears Match3 Repairs, the delightful Disneypoptown, and the vibrant BT21 POP STAR.

In January 2023, South Korean game developer WeMade Play started working with iion. iion is a unified adtech ecosystem that bridges the gap between advertisers and gaming publishers. iion offers a gateway to a realm of opportunities, powered by unique demand and innovative brands.

This case study explores how this collaboration led to significant performance improvements, as reflected in the increase of Average Revenue Per Daily Active User (ARPDAU) and Effective Cost Per Mille (eCPM).


iion's expertise in gaming advertising monetization, along with their comprehensive demand sources, allows them to deliver a targeted and easily integrated solution. 

This "plug and play" solution integrates seamlessly into IronSource / AppLovin Max or Admob via iion’s GAM Adaptor, channeling both direct and programmatic demands to WeMade Play Games.


Throughout the ongoing 3-month campaign, the collaboration between WeMade Play and iion generated significant results:

What WeMade Play had to say:

iion's publisher success team has improved our approach to advertising and monetization. Despite already having many networks integrated, most of which operate on a bidding system, we didn't anticipate such a performance uplift through a waterfall-based demand. The integration required minimal development work, yet the results were significant. WeMade Play was experiencing a downtrend in eCPM in Q1 23, but after implementing iion, we saw a rise in eCPM and ARPDAU, contrary to industry norms. iion’s expertise and the strategic integration of their demand through our mediation platform has not only optimized our advertising strategy but also driven substantial ARPDAU growth. WeMade Play is impressed with the tangible results we've seen, particularly the significant increases in ARPDAU for our games like Anipang3 and Snoopy. With iion, we've been able to maximize our revenue potential while maintaining an engaging gaming experience for our users. This experience has underscored the value of iion's solutions in a competitive industry landscape.
Ad Business Team Leader at Wemade Play

The partnership between WeMade Play and iion has successfully fulfilled WeMade Play's aim of boosting its advertising revenue. There is a significant increment of ARPDAU and eCPM thanks to accurate optimization made by iion’s customer success team.

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