In-game advertising can extend brand reach beyond the younger generations (Gen Z and Gen Alpha).

A recent in-game audio ad campaign executed through iion’s game advertising platform, immersiion, showcased the potential of the game advertising space for brands looking to engage grocery shoppers.

One of our APAC media agency partners used our immersiion platform capabilities to activate an innovative audio advertising campaign promoting a well-known cleaning product within the FMCG category.

Campaign Overview

Targeting an audience of APAC grocery buyers 18-45, the campaign used immersiion’s sophisticated targeting to engage a highly active segment of the gaming community.


The campaign ran from January 2024 to February 2024, outperforming the industry benchmark. 

These metrics clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of audio advertisements in capturing gamers' attention. Unlike other audio formats, in-game audio also allows brands to display their logo/tile for further engagement.


A Unified Game Advertising Platform: Choosing iion’s game advertising platform, immersiion, allowed for detailed targeting within the APAC gaming community, highlighting the value of a unified approach in reaching specific demographics.

The Impact of Audio Advertising: This campaign's success demonstrates the power of in-game audio ads to engage gamers. Unlike other forms of digital audio advertising, in-game audio formats connect with the audience while they are in a ‘lean forward’ mode. It establishes a new standard for the effectiveness of in-game advertising and paves the way for future innovative campaigns.

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